Medi2data Charity for 2021 – Glaucoma UK

We are delighted to announce that Medi2data has selected to support Glaucoma UK as its chosen charity for the festive season 2021.

This choice was a simple one, as it was not down to an employee’s suggestion but from understanding their own circumstances which led to the decision.

Jessica Sydenham joined us in January 2021 and has been part of our eMR+ team in Cardiff.

Jess lives her daily and working life dealing with congenital glaucoma which earlier this year required her to undergo surgery in order to treat.

You can read Jess’ story which appears as ‘your story’ on the Glaucoma UK website: 

We try to support organisations close to the hearts of our team members and chosen by them.

2021’s charity of choice went way beyond a selection process, as Glaucoma UK continues to support one of our very own, Jess, who has been an absolute inspiration in how she is dealing with the effects of this congenital disease in her everyday living and working life.

Richard Freeman

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this disease and if you can make a small contribution, we know the Charity would be incredibly grateful.

Glaucoma UK has expressed gratitude to Medi2data for our festive donation and also to Jessica for nominating Glaucoma UK for our designated charity. They have also left us a note as below:

“Jessica has been very supportive of Glaucoma UK and is an amazing advocate of Glaucoma – her story is even included on our website: Jessica’s story – Glaucoma UK. We are absolutely delighted that you have all chosen Glaucoma UK. Not only will it help raise awareness: Glaucoma is a complicated disease and diagnosis is not always easy and the more awareness we can raise and the earlier the diagnosis the better the outcome. But your support could help to save someone’s sight.

We are the only UK charity specialising in glaucoma and we are 100% funded by voluntary donations. Your support will help us to raise awareness of glaucoma, provide advice and support to people living with glaucoma in the UK, and fund research into better diagnosis, care and treatment.” – Glaucoma UK

I have undergone over 10 surgeries growing up to maintain my Glaucoma, so that it is now at a stable level. Without this treatment, I wouldn’t be so fortunate now!

I’d like to say to anyone who are currently undergoing multiple surgeries, you can come out in the end feeling better and that the treatment and surgeries do work and are worth having!

Jessica Sydenham

Want to hear more?  Watch below as Jessica tells us about her glaucoma and shows us how it hasn’t stopped her living life to the fullest.

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