An interview with Cheryl Mee, operations manager

How has eMR changed the way you work within the practice?

Before using eMR we had to do a lot of photocopying and printing out which took a lot of time. We also used recorded delivery which was a cost to the practice.

With eMR, I create the reports and send them to the GP to check and approve. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Cheryl Mee, Operational Manager, South Reddish Medical Centre

Depending on the size of the file the whole process could take 1-2hrs. Then the GP needed to go through all the letters to check redactions which was time-consuming. Turn around times weren’t good either as they would often take weeks.

It’s really easy to use, very straight forward, I’ve not needed any additional support. I am taking on a new member of staff soon, so I will be training them to use it too.

How are patients reacting to receiving their records online?

I’ve not had any feedback or queries, which means everything is going well!

I think it’s a really good system and have already recommended it to other practices.

Cheryl Mee, Operational Manager, South Reddish Medical Centre