Keeping Data Safe

Information governance and data protection standards

We have always put data protection and security at the heart of our business.

In our role as data processors of patient data, we make sure we strictly comply to the highest standards of NHS and GDPR governance – in fact it’s so central to what we do, that it’s a founding principle of our company.

Patient data and eMR technology

We are not alone in this commitment. Maintaining the highest data protection standards is a major priority for all GP practices, who are the data controllers of the patient data associated with their practice/s.

Similarly, third party organisations, such as insurance companies, who make requests for medical information to GP practices, on behalf of their customers, also operate as data controllers of individuals’ personal data.

The eMR technology software we’ve developed which GP surgeries and third-party clients use, incorporates strict GDPR protocols and adheres to the highest data security standards.


Any data processed within eMR is:

  • Only processed under the consent of the patient/individual concerned
  • Redacted so that no third party and sensitive information is contained
  • All data is fully encrypted and securely stored in data centres in the UK.


We adhere to the highest standards of compliance and governance by meeting GDPR, BMA and ICO guidelines.


We’re tried, tested and trusted by over 7million patient’s within GP practices that use eMR.


We take data security seriously! All data is protected by the highest NHS data protection standards.

Our commitment

As data processors we have a duty to protect people’s personal data.  We only process reports with patient consent and on behalf of the data controller. In our case, this means on behalf of GP practices and third-party clients.

The role of data processors is set out on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website.

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