Our fully outsourced, medical reporting service eMR+ is proven to transform your medical reporting process.

We provide this service FREE to the NHS with the aim of helping alleviate some of the pressures and challenges enabling them to focus on other key priorities, such as providing patient care.

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Key benefits of eMR+

What is eMR+

eMR+ takes care of the mundane and manual task of managing your medical reports by outsourcing the entire process directly to our team of expert clinicians and administrators. 

What you do

What we do for you

  • We transform your medical reporting process by completing reports on behalf of your surgery
  • Provide you with a fully comprehensive clinician team that review and sign-off on all reports 
  • You have access to our in-house patient and requestor support team
  • By utilising eMR+ we give you valuable time back to embrace digital transformation 

Reasons for utilising eMR+

  • Gifted free to the NHS and Primary Care
  • Saves your practice valuable time, cost, and resource to focus on patient care
  • Facilitate a super-fast turnaround time on processing reports
  • We accept a vast range of report types, including SARS and Universal Credit Forms
  • Eliminates the need to chase reports or payments
  • All reports reviewed and signed off by a qualified clinician 
  • Provide exclusive access to our Patient Online Access (POA) screening tool

Wondering how our eMR+ service works? 

From set-up to report completion – here’s what the journey looks like:

  1. Submit your details via our online web form (found below)
  2. Once set-up, you can start to send us all instructions 
  3. The report is then processed using our eMR software
  4. Each report is reviewed and signed off by our certified eMR+ clinicians
  5. Completed reports are then sent to appropriate party


Compatible with your clinical system

eMR+ is already integrated with EMIS, SystmOne and Vision – meaning all we have to do is activate eMR within your clinical system, minimising your set-up time to just 10 minutes!

The types of reports we process

Information Management and Security

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified IS 744869

Upholding the highest of governance and information security standards.

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